Ship heading to Block Island

Countryside, Block Island Edition

As the COVID numbers rise in almost every state, life gets back to "normal" in NYC. I'll be leaving New York in something like 2 months, and I thought it was really time to leave the City and switch to discovery mode, while taking the least risks. A friend went to Block Island a few weeks ago, and the place seemed really appealing. An island, 200 miles from New York, with long and calm beaches, in the middle of the Block Island Sound, reminding me of Brittany, in France. I had to go there!

Aye Aye, Captain!

I booked everything in an evening, and 2 days later, I was on a bus leading me to Providence, RI. I decided to get there and stay for a night to split the trip in two and take some rest. The weather wasn't so good and everything was closed because of the COVID, so I won't say that I liked Providence, but I took some well needed rest there! I have to admit that every single person that I met in Rhode Island was really kind and helpful. I must have looked like a tourist!

Feel the nature

The island didn't disappoint me one minute. It felt so good to be alone, lost at the end of the northern of the island, just me, the wind, and the smell of the ocean, especially after spending 4 months and a half in a shared apartment located in a crowded street of Brooklyn. Don't get me wrong, I love my roommates, and made some amazing friendship there, but it's good to embrace loneliness sometimes.

The island is approximately one hour away from Montauk, New London or Providence, and it's... small. There's only one city, New Shoreham, the place to be in Block Island! Joking apart, that's the magic about Block. You just have to cycle or drive a few hundred yards to be alone.

I spent 2 nights there that went by so fast. Away from my computer (Internet is so bad there that even if I wanted to... But it was a good thing!). These kind of trips are insanely weather dependent. One rainy day, and you're good to go to the bar or Netflix & Chill (Without internet) at the inn. But I was lucky, and had the chance to spend my weekend riding my bike to the north and east beaches (It's really leveled, I felt my Olympic body almost failing me a few times !)

Said like that, It may not seem much, but I really loved this experience away from the City, even in Providence. NY can feel really overwhelming when you're almost 24/7 in your apartment (I overstate by saying that, but a lot of the last months have been like that). Moreover, you can't say that you saw the US by spending 6 months in New York. Alright, I see you coming, going to Rhode Island for one weekend won't change that, but it's a start!

Strong irish vibes

I would love to spend another weekend there before getting back to France, and I made a promise to myself that I would take my girlfriend here one day. But before, I'll try to go to some "Low COVID" cities nearby. Maybe Boston or Philly.

I would also love to go to Puerto Rico to have a taste of the Caribbean, but there tourism policy is quite strict. Which is a good thing, don't get me wrong, but it requires some preparation.

There's one thing that I know, I'll spend my next weekend will be in New York! After months of hesitation, I took the leap and bought a camera. I won't promise that the quality of my pictures will be better for the next article, as it may even be worse, using a "professional" camera for the first time, but i'll try my best to get you some stunning shots of Brooklyn and Manhattan!

Stay safe, wear a mask, take the most of every enjoyable moment, and see you in the next one!