Black heart on black baground

Black Lives Matter.

Hello there.

I don't really know how to start this one. The last few days and weeks have been getting crazier and crazier. The US death toll is now over 100,000 and states are reopening like nothing happened while POTUS is bragging about the fact that only 100k deaths is a victory. What's crazy is that there's so many shitty things/news happening right now that you don't even think anymore. It's just overwhelming. 2 days ago, black protestors peacefully walking for their rights in Brooklyn got run over by NYPD cars. The day before journalists have been shot.

George Floyd assassination inflamed an already tense situation. Somehow, politicians still find excuses for this violence. NYC Mayor said that policemen did what they had to do to "get out” of that “impossible” situation. They ran over protestors. Is that how you protect your citizens, NYC? By running over them? I never wanted this blog to be political, and I don't consider myself having any legitimacy in that field. But what's happening in the US is just disgusting. Everything is getting dehumanized. The deaths from COVID is now just a number. The systemic racism? "It is what it is". POTUS is fleeing from his responsibilities while mayors and governors become experts in demagoguery trying to calm tensions. I truly hope that things will change for black communities. I can't understand such a social divide in such a modern country.

This article is a bit messed up, but I really wanted to write something about the situation. I know that the media coverage in France is mild, but what's happening here is serious. I can't complain about anything. I've got an easy life. I don't risk be freely chocked to death by policemen. I'm not under the pressure that black people can be under, I don't suffer from this racist environment.

You can help too. Sign petitions, donate to charities that are helping these communities. Don't stay silent. Don't tolerate the situation. It's been normal for too long, and I'm guilty as well of not doing anything.

Stay safe.