Brooklyn Bridge from the pedestrian bridge

Seeing the light again

Hi there!

No, you're not drunk (yet). There ain't no 3D Model or view from the rooftop. I went outside. Yes, I know. Outside in NYC during a real life "I am Legend" performance. At least that's what they show in the papers. I'm not going to say I wasn't disappointed when I didn't see any zombies outside my building. Fake news! It was a wonderful Friday afternoon, mid May, and people where going out, just trying to live. Most businesses are still closed in Brooklyn apart from groceries and some restaurants. It was funny to see people urging for burgers and french fries at 3:30PM because Shake Shack was the only thing open in the block, or families social distancing in front of a rental to get bikes and explore the city.

A castle in Brooklyn, reminding me of France (It's the U.S. Attorney's Office)

Waiting one hour for a few french fries wasn't really my goal during this afternoon. After almost 2 months at home, I wanted to see the city. I wore a mask, an hazmat suit, and was prepared to run into another state if I had the misfortune to run into someone. I wanted to go to the Financial District. From a map perspective, it didn't seem that far, at first. I'm on the "Manhattan side" of Brooklyn, and it shouldn't be that large. I was so wrong. It took me something like 1h15 to get to the Brooklyn Bridge by foot. I had the time to get a better understanding of Brooklyn before arriving at the renowned Brooklyn Bridge.

The Financial District seen from the Brooklyn Bridge

The long walk was totally worth it. The view from the bridge is stunning. You can see almost all Manhattan at a glance. The funny thing is that the walkway is in the middle of the bridge, surrounded by two roads. You feel really tiny within this metallic monster. And it's so long! We're ants in Paris, compared to the scale of the city, of the bridges, of the roads. The 20+ kilometers I walked that day just to get to Manhattan and back home are my best proof.

I made my way to the WTC and Wall Street. WTC was totally empty, but still some onlookers like me were roaming in Wall Street. In Battery Park, the patch of greenery of South Manhattan, it was quite the same story. In fact, Manhattan was deserted compared to Brooklyn.

Governor's Island from Battery Park

Heading back to my 1h30 journey to Brooklyn, I was once again in awe of that bridge. It's funny how everything seems even more exciting when you spent 2 months locked inside your house! I just can't wait to get back to Manhattan or to discover Brooklyn. Next time with better shoes and maybe a bike. I made a rookie mistake wearing Vans during this one. I may go to Prospect Park or Marine Park next time.

May I present you the Manhattan Bridge!

Otherwise, these 2 weeks were busy weeks. I worked on the definition of functionalities, a complete user experience as well as mock-ups for a mobile application. The development starts next week. I can't wait to get started.

We're still working on my friend portfolio. I can't say much, but here's a quick preview of a new asset I've modeled. *teasing intensifies*

Galileo's Telescope

Most of my work on this project now is asset optimization, exportation tweaks and a few more assets to create. It's been a long journey, but we're starting to see the light! The further we go, the more I look forward to showing you the results of these months of work. It's probably just a few weeks away!

Take care, thank you for reading, and see you in the next one, fellow stranger!